The Issue

America’s broadband future is at the tipping point. A few huge Internet gatekeepers now dictate when, where and how much you pay for the broadband access on which we increasingly depend for our businesses, homes and livelihoods. And worse, these companies overcharge both consumers and businesses billions of dollars every year, imposing a huge cost on the U.S. economy. These companies are suffering from chronic Broadband Access Control issues.

Key Facts

The Symptoms

Today, 75% of Americans have no or just one option for broadband services. The vast majority of all broadband subscriptions, both consumer and business, are controlled by a few dominant broadband providers, showing the limited reach of small competitors. Learn more.

The Consequences

Allowing a powerful few to control our broadband pipelines has enormous negative effects on American communities, dragging down speeds, delaying deployments, making access more expensive and slowing our digital economy. Learn more.

The Cure

The FCC must continue its march to broadband competition for better, faster and cheaper broadband for all. And until there is competition, the FCC must protect consumers and American businesses from price gouging. The Commission can stop these dominant companies from using their market power to extract unjust and unreasonable rates over these critical broadband inputs. The future of competition depends on the FCC. The FCC must try COMPETIFY. Learn more.



This FCC is a champion for a competitive broadband market for all Americans. It works daily to protect the ability of consumers and innovators to access the Internet. But some companies suffer from a need to control action and price gouge. This is an addiction. The broadband economy suffers from the effects of that addiction and cannot recover unless the high-speed broadband lines that it depends on are released from control by a few companies.

The FCC can cure the broadband economy, releasing it from the grips of this insidious disease and its anti-competitive consequences. To ensure better, faster and cheaper broadband for the entire U.S. economy, we need a comprehensive remedy. Tell the FCC to try COMPETIFY.

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