The Issue

America wants broadband choices. Consumers are deeply frustrated with the costs and poor service of the dominant broadband providers, American businesses are suffering from non-competitive prices and have nowhere else to go–four million comments to the FCC and media coverage from the New York Times to John Oliver are proof that the country is angry about the state of broadband.

Key Facts

The original local telephone companies still collect approximately three quarters of the $20 billion dollars businesses spend on the connections used for the delivery of basic data services each year.

The majority of businesses still have only one choice for the basic data services they need, the original Bell telephone company. Learn More.

Almost two thirds of the $40 billion dollar market for data connections is still provided using traditional data circuits that are largely controlled by your local telephone company.

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Why Competition?

The FCC has the power to stop these dominant companies from using their market power to extract unjust and unreasonable rates to access the information superhighway. When the FCC announced they had adopted Net Neutrality rules, they took a massive step forward in protecting consumers and businesses from the ills of market dominance in the broadband marketplace. Now the FCC must continue to push forward and address the underlying disease. The FCC has now collected all the data it needs, and now it’s time to restore competition to the market.